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Cook County Tax Hikes Pass Out of Committee

Faced with a $315 million budget shortfall, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle has proposed serious changes to how county officials spend taxpayers’ money. She’s challenging the public employee union bosses to come to the negotiating table. She aims to

The Christie Way vs. The Quinn Way

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is traveling to Springfield, Illinois today to do a fundraiser for Bill Brady, the Republican gubernatorial candidate. While he’s in town, Christie should drop by the capitol and give Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat,

What Karl Rove Should Have Said

John Tillman, CEO of the Illinois Policy Institute, offers his thoughts on the GOP spat over Christine O’Donnell’s victory in Delaware. It’s a refreshing read. Tuesday night, I happened to be watching live when Karl Rove fulminated on the Christine

Amtrak: Taxpayers Subsidizing First Class

Traveling on Amtrak’s Texas Eagle from Chicago to St. Louis on November 10 will set you back $24. More, if you want to ride in a first class sleeper car compartment. Add $136 for a superliner roomette, $217 for a

Legislators Shopping Without Price Tags

Paris Hilton may be able to shop without looking at price tags, but the State of Illinois doesn’t have that luxury–particularly when it already has $4.7 billion in unpaid bills. Even so, state legislators receive precious little information on how

National Backlash Against Public Pensions

Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal editorial highlighted the baby steps Illinois is taking toward enacting public employee pension reform, noting that this could be the “start of a nationwide backlash against the scandal of runaway public pensions.” State government employees in

Surprise: Has a Credibility Problem has a vast and challenging mandate: “to allow taxpayers to see precisely what entities receive [stimulus] money in addition to how and where the money is spent.” To its credit, offers a fascinating look into how government goes

Proft: Blago-Quinn-SEIU Scam Exposed

Dan Proft, Illinois gubernatorial candidate, released the following Thursday: The plot thickens — as in SEIU’s pay-to-play plots in state government, including its most recent naked power grab: Its repugnant effort to intervene between children with disabilities and their parents

An ObamaCare Alternative from the States

Earlier today Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty explained to readers how the Baucus health care plan is a prescription for higher taxes and higher premiums. In keeping with the theme that good perspectives and ideas often come from the states,

Illinois Grant to ACORN Housing Under Review

According to a 2008 annual progress report from the Illinois Housing Development Authority, “ACORN Housing” was listed as a recipient of a $100,000 capacity building grant for a “Predatory Lending Database Program.” The funding was announced in November 2008. Rebecca

IL Lawmakers Call for ACORN Investigation

Three state legislators have asked Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (D) for the suspension of all state funding and contracts with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) pending a review of the group’s activities. The trio includes Representative