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Message Matters: Trump Succeeded, Yellen Failed

Most political reporters are fixated on the presidential horserace rather than the message candidates are sending to voters. Message wins all the time. Message moves polls. Message raises money. Message determines elections.

Blame Socialism, Not Shinseki

Blame Socialism, Not Shinseki

The VA problem is not Shinseki, it’s socialism. The Veterans Affairs health-care system is completely government run. It is a pure single-payer program. National Review editor Rich Lowry calls it “an island of socialism in American health care.” He is

Republicans Hammer Away on the Growth Theme

Republicans Hammer Away on the Growth Theme

Sizing up last week’s unexpected congressional win by Florida Republican David Jolly, Kim Strassel of the Wall Street Journal wrote, “The Republicans who win this fall will be those who have serious answers to the attacks leveled on them –

Enough Pot Happy Talk

Enough Pot Happy Talk

There was way too much giddiness in the media about the first day of legal pot selling in Colorado. Instead of all the happy talk, I think it’s time for some sober discussion and a strong dose of education about

The Fed Is Operating Without Rules

The Fed Is Operating Without Rules

So Fed chairman Ben Bernanke finally pulled the taper trigger this week. And it was the right thing to do.  Stocks soared. And even with some backing-and-forthing, gold, commodity indexes, and the dollar were basically stable. In other words, financial markets

Attack Obamacare but Talk Growth Too

Attack Obamacare but Talk Growth Too

There’s no question that the catastrophic debut of Obamacare–including the website breakdown and the millions of pink-slip cancellations–will be a great card for Republicans to play on the way to the 2014 midterm elections. No question. The president lied about

No Delay, GOP: Let the Dems Hang Themselves

No Delay, GOP: Let the Dems Hang Themselves

One huge political question surrounds the catastrophic launch of Obamacare: will the administration double-talk, cancelled insurance contracts for millions, terminated doctor-patient relationships, sticker shock from higher premiums and deductibility, and damage to job hiring and economic growth get the GOP

GOP Should Sell the Individual Mandate Delay

GOP Should Sell the Individual Mandate Delay

The defeat of Senator Ted Cruz’s defunding strategy may not be the end of the fight to overturn Obamacare. In some sense, for free-market conservatives who want consumer choice and private-sector competition, this whole debate is about good versus evil.

IRS Scandal Warrants Independent Special Counsel

IRS Scandal Warrants Independent Special Counsel

When you get right down to it, the political targeting and stalling of tax-exempt applications by the IRS was an effort to defund the Tea Party. Rick Santelli, one of the Tea Party founders and my CNBC colleague, was the

April Jobs Aside, We're Falling Behind

April Jobs Aside, We're Falling Behind

The really good news from April’s employment report is that all the pessimistic, end-of-the-world, spring-swoon forecasters were wrong. It wasn’t a fabulous report. But it handily beat Wall Street expectations. Stock markets soared on the news.  The bad news, however, is

Thatcher, Freedom, and Free Markets

Thatcher, Freedom, and Free Markets

Many profound and detailed admiration pieces will be written about the late Margaret Thatcher, and they’ll be much deeper than this one. But I want to get on record with my own esteem for Mrs. Thatcher, whose character, philosophy, and

GOP Prepares Strategic Retreat on Fiscal Cliff

GOP Prepares Strategic Retreat on Fiscal Cliff

Despite all the media hullabaloo about the fiscal cliff and a potential recession if none of the Bush tax cuts are extended, stock markets have behaved calmly throughout this whole period. In fact, as of this writing today, the Dow

Obama's Class-Warfare, Tax-the-Rich Budget

If you shake out the Obama budget in terms of bold headlines, it’s really a class-warfare, tax-the-rich budget. Layer upon layer of tax hikes are piled on successful investors, small-business owners, and corporations. The capital-gains tax goes from 15 percent

Message to Mitt: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

That great phrase was coined by the late Jack Kemp, who believed that growth and opportunity for all is the answer to poverty. In fact, Kemp believed it was the answer to all things economic. And he was right. The

Romney's Attack on Crony Capitalism

Let me build on Charles Krauthammer’s great Friday column, “The GOP’s Suicide March.” Krauthammer argues that just as President Obama’s class-warfare, soak-the-rich mantra started lagging in the polls, some Republicans on the campaign trail started making the case that Mitt

The GOP Needs a Bolder Growth Message

Message to my fellow conservatives: Please don’t blame the mainstream media for the improvement in jobs, unemployment, and economic growth. Reporters are not making this up. The economy is better. It’s going to give President Obama a leg up on

SuperCommittee Tax Hike Spells Disaster

It would be a great tragedy if a super tax hike came out of a supercommittee compromise deal. It would do great harm to the economy — just as much harm as President Obama’s various tax-hike threats. And on the

Jobs Are Up, But Not Nearly Enough

Despite some modest improvements in the jobs picture with the release of Friday’s Labor Department report, I would guard against any irrational overexuberance that problems with employment or the economy are being solved. A smaller-than-expected 80,000 gain in nonfarm payrolls

The GOP Pro-Growth, Flat Tax Competition

The latest Gallup poll pegs President Obama’s approval at a new low of 41 percent. That adds to the thought that the winner of the GOP presidential-primary sweepstakes is going to be the next president. And inside that Republican contest,

Is Cain Able to Kill the Tax Code?

Herman Cain is the only GOP presidential candidate who wants to kill the tax code. That’s right. Put a knife in it. Junk the entire system. And people are cheering as he rises in the polls in his quest for

We're Still on the Front End of a Recession

The stronger-than-expected ISM manufacturing-index reading for September might normally suggest that the economy, at least for now, has dodged a recession bullet. After zero jobs and zero real consumer spending in August, which put the stalled economy on the front

Christie's Opening: Obama Is Demoralizer-in-Chief

So just when everyone had concluded the Chris Christie matter — saying “Great speech at the Reagan Library, but he’s not gonna run for president” — the New York Post comes along with a story that says the New Jersey

A Twisted Outlook: Obamanomics Isn't Pretty

Stocks collapsed roughly 700 points over two days after the Federal Reserve launched its “Operation Twist.” The market correctly perceives that the central bank’s plan to swap $400 billion of short-term notes for long-term bonds adds no new reserves to

It Is Class Warfare: Obama's Bizarre Tax Attack

It could almost make your head spin. With an economy on the front end of another recession, President Obama’s tax attack on the folks who are most likely to succeed, invest, start new businesses, and create jobs is nothing short

Bloomberg's Irresponsible Talk about Riots

New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg, in a radio interview on Friday, warned that high unemployment could lead to widespread rioting. That’s right. He actually said that. At a time when European cities have suffered massively from hooliganism, and at

Market Melt: The Deflationary M2 Explosion

Amidst the financial flight-wave to safety, with stocks plunging, gold soaring, and Treasury bond rates collapsing — and all the European banking fears which go with that — there’s an important sub-theme developing: An almost-forgotten monetary indicator, M2, which is

More Obama Spending Won't Help the Economy

There he goes again. Out on the campaign trail, President Obama is proposing more federal spending as his answer to sluggish growth and jobs. That won’t do it, Mr. President. He wants more infrastructure spending, undoubtedly in the form of

A Downgrade Is Serious Business and S&P Knows That

Standard & Poor’s government-credit-ratings guru David Beers played his cards close to the vest on the topic of a U.S. downgrade in our CNBC interview this week. However, this head of S&P’s global sovereign-ratings business — with a staff of

A Good Debt Ceiling Deal

As uncertain and unruly and disheveled as the debt-ceiling debate may be, there are still good grounds to reach a deal. It could help the economy. It could keep the policy ball moving in the direction of smaller government. It

The Tea Party Is Ceiling the Deal

There are a lot of pieces to the debt-ceiling deal. There are the taxes upon taxes, as the Wall Street Journal editors describe it. That’s the roughly $1 trillion in new Obama taxes on top of what he’s already signed

Why the Budgetary Game Is a Big Taxpayer Scam

Here’s some friendly fiscal advice: Any time some Washington big shot like Ben Bernanke or Tim Geithner claims that immediate spending cuts in the debt deal will harm the economy–ignore them. Completely. You know why? Because in this great country

Democrats Need a 12-Step Recovery Program on Taxes

Here’s a question: Why is repealing the Bush tax cuts such a constant obsession for the Democratic Party? Especially the top rates for the most successful earners and small business entrepreneurs? It seems this is the Democratic answer for every

Tim Pawlenty's 5% Growth Vision

Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty turned out a blockbuster economic-growth plan this past week, including deep cuts in taxes, spending, and regulations. It’s really the first Reaganesque supply-side growth plan from any of the GOP presidential contenders. And he caps