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EU Rules Stop Vital Research and Cost British Lives

With 160,000 people dying from cancer every year in Britain, the fight against the disease is a top priority. Unfortunately, thanks to unwarranted EU interference, Britain is fighting with one hand tied behind its back. This is set to worsen

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Happy St George’s Day: EU Declares War on British Culture

On the back foot and with no rational arguments, Europhiles are increasingly turning to wishy-washy emotional reasons for staying within the EU. In light of this, it is unsurprising Brussels is now pushing for an integrated “European culture” programme to

Only UKIP Makes Sense On Europe

We all know UKIP wants to leave the European Union and David Cameron has begrudgingly promised the Conservatives will hold an In / Out Referendum on Britain’s EU membership. But aside from this, what are the EU policies of the other parties? In

EU Holds Cider Drinkers Over a Barrel

The latest diktat from the European Union is a sobering example of the Eurocrats’ willingness to drown small businesses in Britain in a sea of red tape. By introducing a tax on British cider producers, Brussels is not only attacking the manufacturers, but

The European Union Needs us Far More Than We Need Them

This week EU Trade Commissioner Cecila Malmstroem (no, you aren’t expected to recognise the name) warned Britain’s exit from the European Union would be a “disaster” both for Britain and the rest of the EU. This was announced on the


British Public Declare: ‘We Are Not Europeans’

New statistics from the European Commission’s bi-annual Eurobarometer survey confirms the huge cultural divide between Britain and the 27 other EU Member States. A substantial majority of British respondents have declared they do not consider themselves Europeans. Asked how European

Letting Turkey into the EU Would Be a Disaster

Letting Turkey into the EU Would Be a Disaster

So much for the Prime Minister demonstrating he is serious about reforming the EU! David Cameron has announced it is still his ‘long-standing goal’ to bring Turkey into the European Union – despite the complete disaster this would be for

Enforced At Last: Britain's EU Referendum Bill

Enforced At Last: Britain's EU Referendum Bill

Yesterday, Bob Neill’s European Union Referendum Bill has passed its first test in the House of Commons.  Finally, we are one step closer to a guaranteed EU referendum in 2017, being enshrined in law. The Bill passed its first vote

EU Remains 'Hungary' for British Money

EU Remains 'Hungary' for British Money

If there is one thing the European Union is good at, it is frivolously spending other people’s money. Over the last forty years the Eurocrats have made a profession of it. The EU’s latest splurge of taxpayer money may be

Britain's Influence in Brussels Waning

Britain's Influence in Brussels Waning

Common sense dictates if you are trying to successfully renegotiate in four years what has not been possible in forty, you start straight away. Despite this, a year and half on, the Prime Minister has yet to make any attempt to correct

The EU's 'Free' Trade Treaty will Enslave Britain

The EU's 'Free' Trade Treaty will Enslave Britain

With the latest round of negotiations for the new EU-US trade treaty starting on Monday, left-wing activists are finally waking up to the threat the EU poses to the rights of the British working class. This week, War on Want launched a



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