The European Union Needs us Far More Than We Need Them

The Union Flag flies next to the European Flag outside the European Commission building in central London
Reuters/Neil Hall

This week EU Trade Commissioner Cecila Malmstroem (no, you aren’t expected to recognise the name) warned Britain’s exit from the European Union would be a “disaster” both for Britain and the rest of the EU.

This was announced on the same day a joint report entitled “The Scaremongers” was released by Global Britain and the Democracy Movement. The report conclusively proves the EU will be the only one hit hard by Britain leaving the EU. The timing of Malmstroem’s scaremongering could hardly be worse.

The report shows, despite the “3 million job losses” lie so often repeated by Europhiles and the mainstream media, if anyone would lose jobs following a Brexit, it would be the other 27 EU Member States. With 6.5 million jobs in the rest of the EU related to their trade with Britain, if for any reason Britain’s exit from the EU led to a drop in our mutual trade, the EU would be the loser.

This is important as it refutes the common Europhile argument the EU will make things as difficult for Britain as possible when we leave. The idea the EU would refuse us a free trade agreement and sacrifice 6.5 million jobs just to fulfil their desire for revenge is frankly absurd.

In other words, this research shows we will continue to have unfettered access to the Single Market regardless of whether we remain in the EU or not.

Aside from Malmstroem’s comments, we also saw scaremongering from Channel 4 this week. UKIP: The First 100 Days, was a fictional docudrama, portraying a UKIP government presiding over the mass deportation of immigrants. But the ‘documentary’ makers had a clear agenda to demonise UKIP and to alarm and spread rumours Britain would suffer economic collapse if we left the EU.

The film showed a mass exodus of firms from Britain’s shores, including Airbus pulling out of the UK immediately after Brexit, and unemployment skyrocketing. It is simply insane. As Global Britain’s report shows, we have nothing to fear from an exit from the European Union. Far from it, the world is an independent Britain’s oyster!

Currently our trade deals are negotiated by the European Commission, which on average take 2 to 3 years longer than independent European countries such as Switzerland. Switzerland signed a trade agreement with China in 2013, after merely 2 years of negotiations. Meanwhile, the EU is no closer to concluding 7-year long negotiations for a trade deal with India! By leaving the EU we would be able to press ahead with agreeing free trade agreements with our historic allies all over the world, from America and Canada in the West to India, Hong Kong and Australia in the East. This would not diminish employment in Britain, but enhance it!

Britain has everything to gain from leaving the EU. When the Great British Public vote to Get Britain Out of the EU, not only will we boost our economic growth and employment, we will also show the rest of Europe the way out of the economic hell they have created for themselves with the Euro. The sooner we achieve this, the better.

Luke Stanley is a researcher at Get Britain Out