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Bring ROTC Back to Harvard? Who Needs 'Em

I’d like to share some thoughts sent to me by my friend, Chad Garland, President of the Illini Veterans Student Organization. Chad writes: A few weeks ago, Sandra Korn wrote a piece in the Harvard Crimson critical of Harvard President

Unimagineable Horror for Father of Fallen Marine

What follows is a guest post from Mike Warner, uncle to a fallen Marine whose body was disinterred to verify that it was buried in the right place. Imagine Doing This by Mike Warner AOCS, USN Ret. On September 15,

Stolen Valor: A Constitutional Right to Lie

Lying about being a lawyer: still illegal. Last week a Federal Judge in Denver, Colorado ruled that lies are constitutionally protected. It is the first such ruling of its kind, extending to fallacious speech the same protections as say the

The Washington Post: Clueless about Courage

What exactly is “courage” in the context of art? I spent the 4th of July weekend the same way many others did. I watched a TV special on the Revolution; my Fiancé made a raspberry pie in the shape of