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Union Bosses Funnel Money to OH Republicans

Union Bosses Funnel Money to OH Republicans

Union bosses desperate to block worker freedom in Ohio funneled over $100,000 to Republicans during the pre-primary reporting period while those same Republicans assured primary voters of their “conservative” credentials. Despite having a Republican governor and Republican supermajorities in both

Pro-Obamacare Ohio GOP Campaigns on Standing Up to Obamacare

Pro-Obamacare Ohio GOP Campaigns on Standing Up to Obamacare

The Ohio Republican Party (ORP) is touting local candidates as “strong” opponents of Obamacare despite its support for expanding Obamacare in the state. ORP supports the Obamacare Medicaid expansion, a major component of President Obama’s unpopular insurance law. Several of

Ohio Dems Submit Bill to Raise State Minimum Wage to $10.10

Ohio Dems Submit Bill to Raise State Minimum Wage to $10.10

Northeastern Ohio leftists Rep. Mike Foley (D-Cleveland) and Rep. Bob Hagan (D-Youngstown) have introduced legislation to increase the state minimum wage to $10.10, which they say will help poor Ohioans and punish unfair employers. House Bill 502 (HB 502), submitted in late

SEIU Subpoenaed in Milwaukee Investigation

SEIU Subpoenaed in Milwaukee Investigation

By Collin Roth New documents obtained by Media Trackers reveal that the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office recently subpoenaed the national office of the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) in Washington D.C. for the employment documents of a senior organizer

AFL-CIO Super-PAC Shares Name with Communist Newspapers

AFL-CIO Super-PAC Shares Name with Communist Newspapers

Workers’ Voices, a front group for the AFL-CIO, has been billed as the “largest union super-PAC,” even though its own website declares it is not an exclusively union-oriented organization. “Workers’ Voice represents and fights for all working families, union and

Massive Potential for Fraud in Montana Ahead of Primary

Massive Potential for Fraud in Montana Ahead of Primary

With Montana voters now receiving mail-in ballots for the June 5th primary election, Media Trackers Montana is receiving reports of significant ballot errors across the state. Unconfirmed reports placed possible statewide errors in the thousands, with a possible 600 erroneous

43 Milwaukee County DA Employees Sign Walker Recall

43 Milwaukee County DA Employees Sign Walker Recall

Media Trackers is able to confirm that 43 current employees of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office signed the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker. A total of 70 names on matched the names of current employees at the Milwaukee

EVIDENCE: Dem Gov Candidate in WI Sells Out to Unions

A photograph has emerged of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Falk proudly holding a copy of the pledge that she signed in exchange for union support of her campaign against Governor Walker. Repeated requests for comment on the picture were denied

Soros Funds Union Effort in Indiana

For the second time in a session that is only weeks old, Indiana House Democrats refused to show up for work on Tuesday, effectively delaying the passage of right-to-work legislation. The first delay was a three-day boycott that finished with

1 Million to Recall Walker, What It Means

Democrats and their leftwing allies are touting the fact that they reached their 1 million-signature goal in the effort to recall Governor Scott Walker. Political observers on both sides of the spectrum had predicted that a recall would proceed because

Outspoken Wisconsin Dem Senator Accessory to Voter Fraud

Media Trackers discovered that over 20 individuals voted, some illegally, from one of Senator Lena Taylor’s (D-Milwaukee) properties during the April 5, 2011 spring election. According to a Media Trackers open records request with the City of Milwaukee Election Commission,

Wisconsin Dems Head to Cemetery to Recall Walker?

It’s either a hack into their website, or a deeply revealing Freudian slip. Appearing briefly on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s website this morning was an event billed as an opportunity to gather signatures to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker

Death Threat to Gov. Walker Comes from Felon

On Monday, the MacIver News Service reported that a death threat had been made against Governor Scott Walker on a recall Walker Facebook page. The page was advertising the upcoming Walker recall kickoff rally hosted by We Are Wisconsin, one

Profile of a Professional Wisconsin Protester

Jeremy Ryan is a habitual loser, or, to borrow a term from state Senator Glen Grothman (R-Wis.), a slob. Ryan is known around Madison, Wisconsin as the “Segway Boy” after his distinct mode of transportation that has made him nearly

Wisconsin Sunshine Group Exposed for Left-Wing Bias

Last weekend at Fighting Bob Fest, a left-wing get together in Madison, Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign spoke to the progressive crowd about the perils of money in politics, lambasting corporate dollars and the Koch brothers. McCabe even

Wisconsin's Summer of Recalls

For Wisconsin, it seemed that the 2012 election had come a summer early. Until August 16th the airwaves were full of ads by campaigns and outside groups urging voters to turnout and support a candidate of choice in one of

The Case For Recall Reform In Wisconsin

Since February, recall elections have been on the minds of nearly everyone in Wisconsin. And while the diehards on the Left continue to spout off about recalling Scott Walker, most Wisconsinites are fatigued and a bit overwhelmed by the whole

Fraud Inundates Wisconsin Senate Recall

Milwaukee – Imitating the infamous “smokes for votes” scandal of the 2000 election, a small leftwing Wisconsin front group has been caught handing out barbecue chicken dinners to those who vote early in the Wisconsin recall elections. During the 2000

Wisconsin 2011 A Test For Obama 2012

It was recently reported that President Barack Obama’s campaign arm, Organizing for America, was assisting Democrats in the Wisconsin recall campaigns. On July 22, Organizing for America State Field Director Michelle Kleppe sent an email to supporters informing them that

Big Labor Tries to Buy Wisconsin Recall Elections

In just a matter of weeks, the We Are Wisconsin PAC has established itself as the left-wing powerhouse in the Wisconsin recall elections. As was previously exposed by Media Trackers and The MacIver Institute, We Are Wisconsin PAC has assembled

ActBlue Nationalizes Wisconsin Recalls

All six Democrats challenging Republican incumbents in Senate recall elections are major beneficiaries of ActBlue, national liberal fundraising organization. ActBlue, founded in 2004, bills itself as a committee that allows liberal Democratic candidates to leverage a national grassroots donor base

The Left's Hypocrisy On 'Fake Candidates' In Wisconsin

In the wake of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s “expose” that Wisconsin Republicans were actively recruiting “fake candidates” to run against Democrat challengers in summer primaries to the advantage of incumbent Republicans, the hysteria of those in the media and on