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Big Labor Tries to Buy Wisconsin Recall Elections


In just a matter of weeks, the We Are Wisconsin PAC has established itself as the left-wing powerhouse in the Wisconsin recall elections. As was previously exposed by Media Trackers and The MacIver Institute, We Are Wisconsin PAC has assembled political operatives from around the country to steer the massive amounts of money pouring in from big-labor to overwhelm Republican incumbents and challengers and flip the Wisconsin state senate.

(See The We Are Wisconsin PAC Money Trail Here)

According to the very latest GAB reports, the We Are Wisconsin PAC has raised $7.3 million, with over 90% coming from national labor unions located in Washington D.C.

Pounding both the airwaves and the pavement, the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board reports that We Are Wisconsin PAC spent $2.6 million prior to the first round of primaries. Most expect the spending to double if not triple as the campaigns race towards the August general elections.

Wisconsinites must understand that despite its name, We Are Wisconsin PAC represents only the interests of big-labor in Washington D.C. Richard Trumka and other national leaders aim to buy a majority in the Wisconsin state senate with the dues of union members across the country. All this to send a message to lawmakers around the nation: we will spend whatever it takes to punish anyone who dares to cross us.

See it for what it is Wisconsin, high-dollar thuggery.

By Collin Roth


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