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Michael Walsh

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Exclusive Excerpt: Devlin's Back in Shock Warning

“Devlin,” the anonymous, alienated agent of the Central Security Service who takes on all America’s enemies, both foreign and domestic, is back in my new thriller, Shock Warning, out this week. (The Kindle edition will be released on Oct. 4)

Fox Force Four: Brad Thor's The Athena Project

Brad Thor’s new thriller, The Athena Project, may at first glance seem so far-fetched — the U.S. government is training a cadre of smokin’ hot, kick-ass female Delta Force ops; yeah, right — that you might be tempted to dismiss

Rush on Walsh: 'Vince Flynn Caliber' Thrillers

To say I’m extremely flattered by El Rushbo’s very kind endorsement would be an understatement: [youtube rr3WdwiiaVY&feature nolink] You can get the first book in the series, Hostile Intent, on Amazon or at any Barnes & Noble or other fine

Frozen 'Chosin' — a Documentary You Simply Must See

One of the greatest battles in Marine Corps history, and one of greatest examples of gallantry and bravery in military history, period. [youtube qd8LDdbfIFY&feature nolink] Long past time these warriors, patriots and fathers got their due from the country they

Why the Eleanor Holmes Norton Phone Call Matters

Those of you who wish to understand the criminal organization masquerading as a political party — that would be the Democrats — need only to remember one thing: the very first Democrat vice-president, Aaron Burr, shot and killed one of

The Last Word on Delaware: El Rushbo Speaks

It is only right and just to let the Majarushi have the last word on today’s Topic A — last night’s Delaware primary between Christine O’Donnell and Mike Castle, and the emerging schism between the Washington establishment and the heartland

Calling All Readers — Dennis Miller Needs You!

From Sarah Ricard, Digital Content Manager of the Dennis Miller Show, who writes: The Dennis Miller Show is now accepting submissions for its “Time Capsule Accountability Project.” Tired of certain celebrities and politicians making outlandish, baseless claims (Al Gore, we’re