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Ridiculing Eastwood: Opponents Distract Us from Real Issues

Ridiculing Eastwood: Opponents Distract Us from Real Issues

If you cannot find fault with the issues discussed, find fault with the speaker. A classic example of this is the mainstream media’s reaction to Clint Eastwood’s speech at the RNC. The organization True Feminists points out this faulty approach

Fluke Fundraising Letter Reduces Women to Sexual Objects

Fluke Fundraising Letter Reduces Women to Sexual Objects

Sandra Fluke has been announced to speak at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte, so it comes as little surprise that she would send an email blast shilling for campaign donations. Here is the letter, redacted with comments. Any omissions are purposeful

Putin's Punk Problem

Putin's Punk Problem

For those of you haven’t heard yet, Pussy Riot is Vladimir Putin’s latest nightmare, a Russian feminist punk band aiming to peacefully protest the staid Russian status quo. Think V for Vendetta but in Russia with a much larger cast; ten

Indonesia Gags Gaga, Media Mostly Silent

Indonesia Gags Gaga, Media Mostly Silent

I wanted to write an article on the lack of outrage at the silencing of Lady Gaga in Indonesia because I consider myself a true feminist and, while I’m not a Lady Gaga fan, I value freedom of speech. But

'The Iron Lady' a Misogynistic Historical Fantasy

If you, like me, think Meryl Streep is an incredibly gifted actress, “The Iron Lady” will not disappoint you. But if you have any rational recollection of Margaret Thatcher, well, I can’t recommend you watch this negative, extremely biased production.

Troubled Teens Born in the Classroom

“I could never home-school. I would probably kill my kid by Wednesday, if I had to spend the entire day with him, every day!” Typical fare for the teenager-parent relationship? Unfortunately, yes. But ironically, the individuals making these pronouncements are

Back to School: Part Two

This country was founded on the principle that God endowed human beings with equal rights (under the law), which is different and distinct from equality. We all experience a wonderful opportunity and great blessing to live in a country designed

Back to School: Part One

Last year, my first-born was in enrolled in our local public school in second grade, and although he spent 6 or 7 hours there each day, he came home with tons of homework and a good deal more learning remaining.

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