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Desperate Newsweek Embarrasses President, Lies to America

Desperate Newsweek Embarrasses President, Lies to America

Newsweek has provided a magazine cover that leaves one speechless. Not because of its amazing photography, nor for its deep intellectual insight. But rather because, in its attempt to praise President Obama for his coming out in favor of gay marriage,

CNN, MSNBC Attack Mormons, Romney

CNN, MSNBC Attack Mormons, Romney

CNN has been having repeated discussions about Romney, his religion and the 2012 race. At MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell had the same conversation. Is the mainstream press starting a coordinated attack on Romney by attempting to drum up suspicion of Mormons, inciting voters

City of LA Joins Attacks on Free Speech, Talk Radio

City of LA Joins Attacks on Free Speech, Talk Radio

The City Of Los Angeles has passed a resolution on talk radio, putting themselves on supposed moral high ground after comments from syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh on Sandra Fluke and LA juggernauts John and Ken on Whitney Houston. In both cases,

USA Weekend Gives Liberal Celebs a Pass

Over the past month, the Los Angeles Times has started delivering the Sunday circulars to my doorstep, along with every other doorstep in the neighborhood. While I’m not sure of an official reason, one could posit that subscriptions to the

Anatomy of a White(House)Wash

In a piece on Politico, liberal standard bearer Sally Kohn posted her response to the growing Solyndra scandal, in which the Obama White House aggressively pushed through $535 million in loans to a company that was not financially sound, nor

The Shame of Paul Krugman

As America passed with solemn tribute the murder of 3000 citizens 10 years after September 11th, 2001, social media networks, like Facebook, were filled with tributes, thanks, passages from the bible, and pleas. Amongst those pleas, that we spend no

Is there Waters in Hell?

With all the conviction of a traveling preacher, and a bought and paid for audience, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) made sure her constituents understood that any conversation of a “New Tone” or “Civility” was meant solely for the political right,