The Black Guy in Chief

As far as white people go, you couldn’t get much whiter than Teddy Kennedy. He was utterly luminescent. Running around in his boxer shorts, chasing the college girls his nephew William brought home that night, he must have appeared almost ghost-like. Yet when he proposed Nationalized Healthcare, we soundly rejected it.


I can’t think of a bigger white cracker redneck than William Jefferson Clinton. He grew up in a trailer, and had a pick-up truck lined with Astroturf. While he was fooling around in the Oval Office, his wife tried to get Nationalized Health Care passed. America hated that idea so much, that we turned over the House and Senate to the Republicans for the first time in 40 years.

But now that Barack Obama has managed to shove a deplorable piece of questionably constitutional legislation through the corrupt purchasable legislature, we are tarred as racists for criticizing his actions.

We weren’t even allowed to hope he failed. That remark caused a lot of ruckus over the past year. For some reason if you don’t want the President’s agenda to pass, you are rooting against the Nation. Yet for eight years our opponents were allowed to get away with the remark: “I support the troops but I don’t support the mission.”

It always sounded kind of dumb to me, like “I support the Cubs, I just don’t want them to win the World Series” (and in my lifetime, they’ve yet to disappoint). Now when we on the Right say that we support the President, but not his policies, we are ignorant bigots. Which brings us around to the most common rationale you hear on the Left. “They’re only opposed to Barack Obama’s health bill, because they don’t want a black guy in the White House.”

I beg to differ.

The only reason why we might support Barack Obama, is because he is black. His presidency is proof that there is one less barrier standing in the way of racial equality. Now we have evidence that anyone in America can rise to the White House, regardless of race or religion. (Well almost. The American Electorate is still a little hinckey about Jews and Mormons.)

We are not opposed to a black guy in the White House; we just don’t want THAT black guy. I would be delighted to see Clarence Thomas run for office, although I wouldn’t want to see what was left of the Constitution, after he resigned his seat for as long as it would take to get elected.

I don’t like Obama’s ideas about Health Care, or Climate Change, or the Economy or pretty much everything else He has proposed. I didn’t like it from Al Gore, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid either. The things he has already passed have done enough damage to this Nation, I don’t want to see any more of his nightmares legislated in to reality. We have been quite specific about the substantial list of things we’re opposed to.

I think the entire Administration is a bunch of power-hungry Communists, that still want revenge on the United States for embarrassing the Soviet Union’s great social experiment. From that remark, you can clearly see that I oppose power-hungry communists.

Opposition is equal and opposite to support. So if the only reason that people on the Left can see for our opposition to Obama, is his color, then apparently they voted for him because he is a black guy. “Yes We Can” was the slogan of the campaign; I guess the full sentence was, “Yes We can elect a black guy President.”

According to Tavris Wade, introductory textbook “Psychology,” projection: “…is always seen as a defense mechanism that occurs when a person’s own unacceptable or threatening feelings are repressed and then attributed to someone else.”

Projection is exactly what happens when Democrats accuse Conservatives of racism. Republicans fight for the individual rights, so they see every American as a unique individual. Democrats fight for group rights, so your average Democrat only sees groups, differentiated by gender, race, and sexual preference.

Their power structure is based on granting privileges to special distinct groups. In this way they have assembled coalitions of minorities, LGBTs, Africa-Americans, Hispanics (which is actually a group of many different cultural identities, lumped together only because they talk the same.) This political strategy has worked its way into the thinking of every Democrat. So naturally they assume that Republicans have the same bias.

It explains a lot. Because it was obvious to anyone paying attention, that Barack Obama didn’t have the qualifications for the Presidency. Here is a community organizer with very little on his resume. He voted present numerous times during his tenure as a State lawmaker, and his Presidential run was the first election cycle he actually had to campaign.

It puzzled those of us on the right why he had such support. He had less administrative experience than Sarah Palin, and it would appear a little less intelligence. The people, who are criticizing Sarah for a few crib notes in the palm of her hand, have known for two years that our President reads every thought off of a teleprompter word for word.(even the typos.)

So why did they vote for him? Perhaps, he won for the same reason he was given a Nobel Prize: because he is there. His very presence is worthy of awards.(Apparently his votes of “Present’ in the Legislature were far more substantial than I imagined.)

He wasn’t elected for his vision. His health care plan, wasn’t substantially different from the one Hillary proposed, or the one Teddy Kennedy proposed. His contribution to the debate was his ability to silence the opposition with political correctness. Their talking points were scripted long before the November election even happened. The prejudices that Republicans hoped were lapsing, Democrats were waiting to exploit.

It could be that I’m an old fashioned guy, who remembers back when soccer games were scored, but I think that being given an unearned award is a little demeaning. It’s almost as if he’s being treated like a contestant in the Special Olympics, where everyone gets a medal just for competing.

The President himself once compared his bowling to the Special Olympics; turns out, his entire Presidency is like his bowling (his approval rating isn’t far from his bowling score).

Perhaps instead of the White House, we should have just given him a bowling trophy.


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