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Put Down that Race Card


We have sought to call out haters and those that would cynically use race and the other political cards from the Democrats’ stacked deck because it is destructive our social fabric. These phony charges create real hate, and do real damage to the cause of a civil, tolerant and colorblind society.

From day one, the good men and women who have risen up in peaceful dissent against the big government policies of the Democrats in power have been subjected to the worst kinds of ridicule, name-calling and downright hate.

DC Douglas is simply repeating the Liberal/Democrat talking points when he levels the false charges against “teabaggers” and FreedomWorks.

He says “If you have ire about this, focus it on FreedomWorks.” That’s exactly what the Democrats and their friends on the left did. The resulting emails and voicemails prove the point about the real damage caused by the Democrats tactics. (Warning: extremely offensive content.)

Can we all agree that this has to stop?

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