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Media Marxists No Different: They're Not Letting the Arizona Crisis to Go to Waste


There was a cavalcade of Leftist – and media, please pardon the redundancy – politically opportunistic idiocy in response to this weekend’s horrendous Tucson, Arizona murders. Which were committed unilaterally and without any assistance from anyone by the deranged Jared Loughner.

Never ones to let facts get in the way of a good beating, a great many Progressives grabbed onto the complete lack of any evidence to assign complicit blame for the homicides to Governor Sarah Palin, conservative talk radio, the TEA Party and anyone else right of center of whom they could think.

This is of course just another Left attempt to silence speech they find unhelpful to the advancement of Leftism. Those who claim that speech with which they disagree leads to violence – aren’t at all comfortable with truly free speech.

The Marxist Media “reformers” at Free Press likewise rushed to not let this crisis go to waste.

I would like to specifically highlight the Twitter work of Free Press’s Campaign Director Tim Karr. Who jumped on board the blame bandwagon – and the shark – with a series of Tweets aimed at taking advantage of the Arizona body count to advance Free Press’s media “reform” agenda.

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An agenda which includes amongst many other terrible ideas the exponential expansion of the government funding of journalism – so as to improve it. Which is always what happens when you increase the government’s role in something.

The gallant and classy Karr unleashed a flurry of Tweets that connected conservative “haters” to the murders committed by a man none of them had ever met. And as if that weren’t sufficiently untethered from Reality, Karr also blamed the conservatives’ “media enablers.” As if the endless reams of evidence of the Leftist media on this and all things just… didn’t exist.

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Karr cites THREE TIMES – without any sense of irony – the New York Times. The quintessential Leftist media outlet – that has gone on the Arizona story even further above and beyond their normal lunacy.

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And of course he blamed by name Governor Palin.

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And for total detached delusion, there’s this.

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There are even more, but you get the idea.

Free Press is the organization at the forefront of the media “reform” movement. Their work was cited ALMOST SIXTY TIMES in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s partisanly-passed, wildly unpopular and technologically impaired and incoherent December 21st Internet power grab order.

An order that was an egregious overreach of the non-existent authority the FCC knows it does not have. An order that the anticipation of which alone cost us tens of billions of dollars in lost investment. An order from an FCC that had as its Press Secretary throughout the process Jen Howard, whose immediately preceding gig was as the Communications Director for – Free Press.

Yet as incredibly bad and damaging as the FCC’s authoritarian decision was, Free Press caterwauled that it didn’t go nearly far enough. And they have since the decision continued to push at the FCC even more unhinged Net Neutrality complaints.

Yet it is Free Press – as disconnected from Reality as they are and have been on the Arizona atrocity, Internet regulation, government-funded journalism and a whole host of other issues – that has been driving the FCC agenda since the Obama Administration was sworn in.

The question is – why? And why are they still?

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