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8 Days after AZ Shooting, Obama Ed Sec and Teacher Union Boss Promote "No Peace"


Apparently oblivious to recent calls for civility, Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and teacher union boss Randi Weingarten (who the union paid more than $600,000 in 2010) gave speeches in front of a “No Justice – No Peace” banner at Al Sharpton’s prayer breakfast.

Weingarten even closed her speech in solidarity with Sharpton’s group “fight.” Weingarten expressed her desire that the American Federation of Teachers union members become “foot soldiers” in the “fight.”

Again, a Big Labor official proved they are not in tuned with society but focused, to borrow a phrase from Weingarten, “like a laser” on making government bigger.

Weingarten said that “we are often presented with the false choice of being for the children or being for students.” It is the teachers union itself which creates Weingarten’s false choice.

According to Weingarten: ‘what is good for teachers is good for children.” Therefore, what is bad for one; would be bad for the other. The real dichotomy that teachers unions create is between what is good for education (teachers and students) and what is good for union bosses. And, those are incompatible. Forced unionism and public school monopoly bargaining remove choices from teachers and opportunities from students. How can a teacher who is under the yoke of a union boss teach a child what freedom is?

The “No Peace” campaigns of community organizers and union organizers often turn peaceful towns and jobsites into warzones when organizers use guerilla tactics, as witnessed in Indiana, Ohio and California by employees and residents.

Organizers have been using intimidation for years to bully communities, employees and others into submission. And, President Obama, who might be called the real Organizer-in-Chief, is very familiar with these Big Labor intimidation techniques. As a former ACORN community organizer, he is no doubt well-schooled in Saul Alinsky’s polarizing philosophy, which is also a primer for union organizers. In fact, President Obama and former-President Clinton have both used Al Sharpton’s “No Peace” forums in the past.

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