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John Bolton Positioning Himself For V.P.?


Former UN Ambassador John Bolton has the look and sound of someone about to announce his candidacy for U.S. President, dogging Barack Obama at every possible media opportunity. Or perhaps- given it is this late in the process and there is no apparent infrastructure or exploratory committee in place- does he have the look and sound of someone strategically positioning himself to become a Vice Presidential running mate for one of the leading candidates?

I asked him that question and others recently on my radio show and Ambassador Bolton used some of his harshest language yet in calling Obama a ‘radical’, saying “that he (Obama) cannot walk and chew gum at the same time” .

Below are excerpts from my interview John Bolton:

Does John Bolton's national security experience make him an attractive running mate for one of the GOP candidates? Click image above to hear my full interview with the former UN Ambassador.

Bolton To Make Decision By Labor Day

As I point out above Bolton has been giving interviews for months in which he says he is considering running for President but it is getting awfully late in the process for someone without an infrastructure or exploratory committee in place. A point made on the national airwaves by Bolton’s friend radio host Mark Levin. I asked the Ambassador to address this,

“I hadn’t heard that Mark had said that I’ve known him for years and I have a great deal of respect for him but that is more subtle than my thinking at the moment. “

“I have been concerned for quite some time as you and I have discussed before that under the Obama Presidency we as a nation haven’t focused on national security to the extent that we should”…

…”I fully understand that people are concentrating on the economic recovery…but Presidents and countries have to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time”…

…”I will make a decision by Labor Day in deciding whether or not to go.”

When asked if the nation is not ready- as some have suggested- for another Texan as President (Rick Perry), does that mean also mean that perhaps the nation is not yet ready for someone who served in the Bush Administration?

“I think Rick Perry would make an outstanding President. I have a lot of respect for him and he has a great record in Texas and I’m glad he is in the race.”

Tough Words For Obama and Nominating The Right ‘Person’

Thr former Ambassador spoke in strong terms about Obama and on the importance of nominating the right ‘person’,

“He is the most radical President we have ever had”…”the economy can recover if he would just take his government and go stand in the corner”…”I am not hesitant to say 2012 is a critical election for the future of America, we just have to get the right person nominated and we cannot afford another four years of Obama”.

On Libya and Gaddhafi

Bolton said he feels very strongly that we should insist the Libyan leader face U.S. justice prior to facing Libyan justice because “we know… he had given the ultimate order to blow Pan Am Flight number 103 out of the sky”.

On The TEA Party

Bolton pointed to his experience in the Reagan Administration where he and others tried to provide a Constitutional basis for programs in the government as an example of why the TEA Party should feel comfortable in embracing him.


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