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Firing America's 'Fortunate' Boss


This year it was hard for some Americans to celebrate Labor Day, especially while struggling against 9.1% unemployment. Truth is, thanks to a president whose policies have unabashedly trampled upon all that was once good and holy, the bleak job situation is an accurate reflection of the nation today.

Yet with unbridled audacity, self-proclaimed job creator Barack Obama, with full confidence and authority has plans to compound the nation’s problems by striding up to the podium during a joint session of Congress and dictating to America how to successfully cultivate government-fertilized/tax-watered employment opportunities.

In a few days, America will be subjected to a long-awaited jobs speech where Obama will position himself in front of his Teleprompter and the House of Representatives, in that order, and unveil his plan to resurrect employment opportunities and inject new life into the personal incomes of all Americans.

Think of it. The foundation for the President’s plan for jobs seems shaky at best. In the traditional sense, the man has never hired anyone, run anything, or dirtied his hands one day in his life, but that didn’t stop him from thinking so highly of himself that he applied for a position for which he had zero qualifications. It shouldn’t have happened, but the guy with the least amount of experience somehow managed to orate his way into getting hired.

Since that day, Barack Obama’s efforts have been so pathetic that, thanks to choosing an unqualified applicant for President, millions of qualified Americans now find themselves unemployed.

After three years of wanton job destruction, Obama now considers himself a qualified job expert and is ready to enlighten the nation about how he’s going to generate new jobs to replace the ones he’s responsible for obliterating?

As soon as Obama finishes his latest spiel, maybe Lindsay Lohan could also take a turn at the lectern and share her well thought-out plan on how to successfully stay sober, or why not a few words from Joan Rivers about how to grow old gracefully?

Based on the mantra of his own financial success that has typically accompanied so many of his speeches on the dismal state of the economy, during the course of his jobs speech Obama will likely take the opportunity to gloat that unlike the rest of us, he and all of the other SEIU-style employees are among the “fortunate” ones who still have a job.

Since history is generally an indication of future behavior, the President will probably use that false sense of job security as the basis to also remind America that the reason he’s fortunate enough to be working is that he’s employed by that pinnacle of job creation and assured employment, the United States government.

Yet, despite having the same employer, there remains one glaring difference in the employment status of Obama versus life-long union employees: Obama’s contract is a temporary one, and it’s likely to be only half as long as he thought it would be.

Therefore, notwithstanding Barack Obama’s self-proclaimed insightful expertise on jobs and job creation, and even with all his brilliance and vast knowledge, he still doesn’t quite grasp the notion that in America, there are 14 million voters who don’t have to be working to fire a boss whose good fortune, especially as it relates to ongoing employment, is about to run out.

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