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Lawsuits Against ObamaCare Anti-Conscience Mandate Pile Up


While some liberals are running around thinking they have actually gotten Americans to believe there is a conspiracy to remove low-cost birth control from the shelves of Target, the list of lawsuits against the Obama administration’s anti-conscience mandate is getting longer, evidence that Americans do know that the ObamaCare requirement is really about an end to religious freedom and not the cost of condoms.

The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), representing two private schools affiliated with Protestant denominations, has filed the most recent lawsuits against the ObamaCare anti-conscience mandate. Geneva College, a private college associated with the Reformed Presbyterian Church, has filed their suit against the Obama administration for its infringement upon religious liberty through its mandate of free health insurance coverage of drugs such as Plan B and ella, both of which can cause abortions in early pregnancy.

The ADF has also filed a lawsuit on behalf of Louisiana College, a Southern Baptist school which morally objects to abortion and the use of drugs which can cause termination of a pregnancy. According to, Louisiana College isarguing that “the mandate’s coercive requirement and lack of a robust religious exemption infringes against First Amendment rights to due process.” The ADF also asserts that the mandate violates existing federal laws, including the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

These lawsuits join those put forward by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, which has filed suits against the mandate on behalf of Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic college in North Carolina, Colorado Christian University, a non-denominational Christian institution, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), a Catholic television network, and Ave Maria University, a Catholic university.

In a press release, ADF Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot, said, “People of faith shouldn’t be punished by the government for following their beliefs when making decisions for themselves or their organizations.” Calling out the Obama administration for its manipulative practices, Mr. Theriot asserted:

The Obama administration invented a fake ‘right’ to get ‘free’ abortion pills and sterilization and elevated it above real freedoms protected by the First Amendment. This calculated and intentional attempt to eradicate constitutional protections should terrify every freedom-loving American.

To date, a total of six lawsuits are now pending against the Obama administration’s anti-conscience mandate, and it is significant that the suits are represented by a variety of Christian denominations.

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