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Dr. Susan Berry

Dr. Susan Berry

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Anthony Devlin/PA Wire URN:21012772 (Press Association via AP Images)

U.S. Divorce Rate Plummets to 35-Year Low

The divorce rate is down for the third consecutive year. In 2015, the rate was 16.9 divorces per 1,000 married women, down from a rate of 17.6 in 2014. Since 1980, when the divorce rate was 22.6, a decline of 25 percent is apparent in 2015.

Picture taken on september 29, 2015 shows a young married couple posing for souvenirs pictures at sunrise in front of the Eiffel tower on Trocadero plaza, at sunrise, in Paris AFP PHOTO / LUDOVIC MARIN (Photo credit should read

It’s Not Fair: Liberals Say Stop Congratulating Engaged Couples

“I absolutely hate wishing people congratulations on their engagement, and I won’t do it anymore,” writes Ashley Mateo at Redbook, adding that the word “congratulations” is associated with an achievement, not a “grown-up decision made between two people who have discussed their relationship and decided that, hey, they’re clearly better together than not, so why not make it official?”