Bachus Primary: Biggest Congressional Race this Week

On Tuesday, Alabama voters will decide who will represent them in Alabama’s CD6 in a race that has serious national implications. SpencerBachus (R-AL) currently holds the seat and Andrew Breitbart led the way by repeatedly calling for his resignation over the congressional “insider trading” allegations which have since prompted an ethics investigation.Investor’s Business Daily, the local Tea Party and I’ve done the same.

Challenging Bachus is state Senator and Tea Party favorite Scott Beason. Beason is everything the Tea Party stands for:  A true conservative leader who sticks to his principles and is not afraid to buck the media or the establishment, even within his own party.

While Big Government and I having been pushing this race [recheck to see if link is back]for months, the national media is starting to pay attention since the Campaign for Primary AccountabilitySuper PAC just took out GOP incumbent Jean Schmidt in Ohio. The same Super PAC is dumping boatloads of money into the Alabama race, too.

Comparing candidates is like an exercise in contracts, but I will break it down.  Here are their records on some key issues:

FISCAL CONSERVATISM – Aside from immigration, both candidates are pretty much the same on social policy. But when it comes to fiscal conservatism, it’s really simple: Beason is and Bachus isn’t.  Beason single-handedly stopped a tax increase in Alabama’s largest county while Bachus generally votes for increasing the debt limit. Bachus has voted for billions to be spent on programs, like the United Nations and Cash for Clunkers while Beason consistently votes for smaller government. Beason fought the Republican establishment in fighting the largest tax increase in state history. Bachus endorsed the same tax increase.

IMMIGRATION – You can’t have a conversation about immigration reform without talking about Scott Beason. Beason wasn’t just the state Senate cosponsor for Alabama’s toughest-in-the-nation immigration law, but was the man who led the charge on the bill. The liberals and the media despise Beason for this. Bachus joined them by saying that the bill will hurt the economy.  The truth is that Alabama led the country in reducing the jobless rate because of our new immigration policy.

CORRUPTION – Again, the difference is striking. Scott Beason wore an FBI wire to bust up political corruption in a nationally publicized trial. Bachus is facing an ethics investigation for insider trading. Bachus has said that the role of congressional regulators is “to serve the banks” and he underscores the point by raking in millions from the very same industries he regulates. Bachus gets more loot from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac than anyone else in Congress, including Barney Frank.

LOCAL NO-SHOW – It’s hard to find Bachus anywhere in the district. On the few occasions he’s actually in the state, he slips in and out very quietly so he doesn’t have to endure his constituents face to face. One of those events was a secret fundraiser held by the state bankers’ association – whose activities Bachus is supposed to regulate. Bachus also bragged about a meeting with local farmers, but the photo I saw of the event was of people wearing business suits in DC. 

Beason holds Town Hall meetings, is a regular at Tea Party functions, and a frequent guest on talk radio -including my program, the Dr. Gina Show on Monday. It’s not just me, but most of the local hosts complain that Bachus won’t  appear on their programs.

LEADERSHIP – CD6 is the reddest district in the country. Bachus doesnt have to take political cover to be a conservative here. Instead, he’s spends our money like a drunken sailor and then ducks his constituents. He’s not been considered a national leader on any legislation of significance in his 20 years in Congress.  On the other hand, Beason has been a true leader, and at times the first legislator in the state to stand up for what’s right. When the legislature was stalling on an anti-ObamaCarebill, Beason held a Tea Party rally at the State House, and suddenly legislators were tripping over themselves trying to get to the microphone. Magically, the bill passed in an hour or so. He led the way on immigration (as he has on numerous fiscal issues) successfully. If elected, expect to frequently see Beason leading the charge on some conservative issue or another in DC.

When Spencer Bachus first ran for office in 1992, he was for term limits. I say we help him honor that commitment. Bachus is exactly the sort of politician the Tea Party was formed to oppose, and Beason is our guy on the ground (I know this for a fact because I am one of those local Tea Party people). Let’s honor the Tea Party by electing Scott Beason. 

Finally, Andrew Breitbart’s was the first to call for Spencer Bachus to be out of Congress. What better way to honor Andrew’s legacy than to see one of his final goals realized?

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