Florida Dems Can't Find Voters to Protest Allen West, so They Hire Some

Florida Dems Can't Find Voters to Protest Allen West, so They Hire Some

Democrats and the left are inherently a sham with little actual grassroots support, and the race for Florida’s 18th Congressional District is yet another example of this truism.

Repeatedly and across the country we see unions, Democrats, and other far left groups planning rallies and protest marches yet finding that they simply can’t put bodies in the streets to make all the effort worthwhile. They just don’t really have the support of the common man- the folks in the streets–to carry off these protest marches and rallies.

But these out of the mainstream groups do have a solution to this problem: the rent-a-protester. Whenever you see a left-wing protest, almost invariably you’ll find that many of the folks walking around with signs in their hands were hired to be there. They are paid protesters, faux activists only there for some change in their pockets, not because they care anything about the issue being protested.

Such is the case in the 18th CD race where Florida Congressman Allen West is running to represent the newly redistricted area. The Democrats who are trying to raise hate against West there wanted to stage a protest but, like most of these left-wing groups, just didn’t have the bodies for it. So, off to rent-a-protester they went.

Javier Manjarres of one of Florida’s most influential conservative websites, The Shark Tank, reports that the lefty group Stand Up Florida put an ad in the local Craig’s List offering to hire “protesters” to attack West at $10 per hour.

Naturally, as soon as Manjarres posted the news, the ad abruptly disappeared from the web, sent down the memory hole by the leftists hoping to cover their corrupt tracks. But, nothing is forgotten on the web. Manjarres took a screen shot of the ad which you can see at his website.

Majarres makes the seminal point about all this:

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi famously referred to the Tea Party as “Astroturf”- but how many Tea Partiers got their call to social action from some mysterious front group who solicited their protest activity for 10 bucks an hour through Craig’s List? Someone might want to ask Nancy if these “paid canvassing jobs” constitute “astroturf”.

Exactly right, Sharkster, exactly right.

This just shows once again that the far left is not as pervasive or as powerful as we sometimes fear. It also shows what a sham the left is built on–a foundation of lies.

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