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How Government Sours U.S. Sugar Industry by $2.4 Billion a Year

How Government Sours U.S. Sugar Industry by $2.4 Billion a Year


Americans pay 41% more for sugar than the rest of the world, and it’s easy to see why. 

As an industry, sugar invests disproportionally large amounts of dollars lobbying the government and political PACs to ensure a protection racket costing consumers $2.4 billion per year. That system perpetuates itself despite the negative impact on the price of sugar and sugar-containing products it inflicts on all U.S. consumers while hurting job numbers, as well.

The high consumer cost of the government’s sugar program masks a bitter pill consumers are forced to swallow every day, thanks to big money transfering hands in Washington. That’s the subject of this quick Heritage piece from today.

The sugar industry insists the program costs nothing. That’s only true because consumers, not government, get stuck with the bill. They also argue it protects job, when, in fact, the impact there is also negative. A study by the Commerce Department finds, “For each one sugar growing and harvesting job saved through high U.S. sugar prices, nearly three confectionery manufacturing jobs are lost.” There’s nothig good about that, especially in today’s economy.

As Congress is currently working through the reauthorization of its farm bill, it’s a perfect time to do away with the sugar program. Unfortunately, as long as dollars continue to flow to Washington through lobbying and influence buying, Congress is unlikely to act in the people’s interest unless they noticeably speak up.


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