Superb Romney Ad Tells Personal Stories of Struggle Under Obama's Failed Economy

Superb Romney Ad Tells Personal Stories of Struggle Under Obama's Failed Economy

While President Obama does a same-sex marriage victory tour, which includes demeaning his office on “The View” and scooping up record amounts of Hollywood cash, the Romney camp has come out swinging with a powerful video that takes a look at the people and stories behind Obama’s failed economic policies:


Simply from a filmmaking point of view, this is a very well shot, edited and produced clip. It also leads to a climax that I think is devastating to Obama and lays the groundwork for what will be a big part of Mitt Romney’s message: Blame Bush all you want for The Great recession, but Obama’s hope and change has failed to fix anything.

To be fair to the Obama campaign, while the President yukked it up with Joyless Behar and the ladies, they did release something that at least in some way references the economy; a clumsy ad filled with lies and half-truths about what happened at Bain Capital  — you know, when Mitt Romney was no longer there but one of Obama’s campaign major campaign bundlers was.

The failure of Obama’s trillion dollar big government gamble to revive the economy is no laughing matter, though, especially to the 23 million or so Americans (including my wife) who are part of the long-term unemployed. In a cruel fit of irony, these are the same people helping to aid and abet the media campaign to win Obama a second term. For these are the same people so discouraged by the lack of jobs they have given up looking, which in turn artificially lowers the unemployment rate.

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