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Obama Says Obamacare Fight Is Over and He Won

Obama Says Obamacare Fight Is Over and He Won

On Thursday in Ohio, Barack Obama told a crowd of automobile manufacturing workers that the health-care debate is over, saying, “The law I passed is here to stay.” Later, at another rally, he asserted that the opposition fighting the bill should give up: “We fought so hard to make that happen and now the Supreme Court has ruled it’s time for us to move forward. We don’t have to re-litigate the last two years. I don’t want us to keep having political arguments that are based on politics and not on facts.”

Let us put you on notice, Mr. Obama. What you want does not define the future of the country; what the people want does. And if we decide we are going to fight tooth and nail to overturn your attempt to rule the people by executive fiat, you had better beware; you may not be aware of how traditional Americans react when told they had better back down. We certainly aren’t going to back down because you said the battle is over.

And please don’t pontificate to us that you have facts at your disposal while we are only politically motivated. The facts aren’t on your side. Only the politics are, because you’re handing out payoffs to ensure your re-election. 

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