Swearing At The Office Becomes Commonplace

Swearing At The Office Becomes Commonplace

According to a survey by Career Builder, major cities all over the country are experiencing an epidemic of cursing at work. A full 62 percent of workers in Washington D.C. say they curse; in Denver, 60 percent of workers said they cursed in the workplace. Rounding out the top ten cursing cities: Los Angeles (56 percent); Boston (56 percent); Atlanta (54 percent); Minneapolis (50 percent); Phoenix (47 percent); New York (46 percent); Philadelphia (44 percent). Yet a full four-fifths of office workers said that cursing in the office was unprofessional; 57 percent said they would be less likely to promote somebody.

While the media obsesses over the effect of Hollywood violence on mentally unstable people, they don’t seem to care in the slightest that cursing in movies has made everyday bad language commonplace. Use of language bleeds into the popular discourse far more than violence.

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