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Ohio: A Dead Heat, Romney Gaining

Ohio: A Dead Heat, Romney Gaining

The momentum is with Mitt Romney in Ohio now. After the presidential debate, Ohio is a dead heat. In the first post-debate survey, Rasmussen Reports finds Barack Obama with 50% and Mitt Romney with 49%.  What is critical in the poll is this: 90% of Romney supporters are certain they will vote for him under any circumstances while only 80% of Obama supporters are that committed.

More people trust Romney on the economy, 49% to 45%. There has been a significant shift on national security: Last month, Obama led 49% to 45%, but now Romney leads 48% to 47%.  

When thinking about the future, Romney has a big lead; 50% think the economy will get better if Romney is elected and Republicans take control of the Congress. Only 41% believe if Obama is reelected and Democrats run Congress the economy will improve. 46% expect the economy to get worse if Obama wins, while only 36% believe that if Romney wins.

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