Florida Senate Race Tightening

Florida Senate Race Tightening

In Florida, incumbent Democrat Senator Bill Nelson’s lead over Republican challenger Connie Mack has slipped to three points, 49% to 46%, according to a new poll by Rasmussen Reports. Two percent of voters prefer another candidate, and three percent are undecided. The same poll released one week ago showed Nelson with a lead of 48% to 43%.  

The trend is favoring Mack; in the period of August through the latest poll, Nelson has ranged from 47% to 52%, while Mack has ranged 40% to 46%.  Nelson is poling three points below his highest result, while Mack is rising to match his highest level.

There appears to be a gender gap; Mack leads by eight points with men but trails by twelve points with women.

The key for Mack lies with the poor economy; 48% of Florida voters think it’s in poor shape. 35% of voters think the economy is getting better, but 43% believe it’s getting worse.