SEIU Organizer Forgets Simple Chant While Protesting Paul Ryan

SEIU Organizer Forgets Simple Chant While Protesting Paul Ryan

Wisconsin Jobs Now, a front group for the SEIU protested Paul Ryan’s campaign stop on Wednesday in Racine, WI. The protest of about 12 people was lead by SEIU organizer Todd Stoner.

Stoner, as usual, interrupted and disrupted interviews I was conducting with his faithful crew, in an attempt to hide their complete lack of knowledge as to why they are really there. He warned them I was Breitbart News and I was a “big conservative.” Still, some of the protesters were willing to talk but failed to give coherent answers.

Protesters chanted and repeated the same old talking point, “Romney only cares about the rich.” In an embarrassing moment, another protest organizer on a bull horn duty apparently had problem with the synapses in his brain firing fast enough to remember the words to the chant he was leading just minutes before: 

Lyin’ Ryan, he’s the worst, he puts corporate interests first.

How do you forget 10 words you chant over and over and over again?

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