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San Francisco Pushes Plastic Water Bottle Ban

San Francisco Pushes Plastic Water Bottle Ban


San Franciscoans should prepare for the next step in their transformation to good little environmentalist sheep: now the city is pushing for an end to sales of plastic water bottles in San Francisco City, and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, except for a small set of circumstances. A proposal will be brought up by San Francisco City Supervisor David Chiu this week; Chiu wants to stop selling plastic bottles in all city contracts, except for the airport and at sports games.

“Every 27 hours we produce enough plastic water bottles to ring around the globe, and they are amazingly bad for the environment,” said Chiu. “We are literally discarding billions of plastic water bottles. Most of these end up in land use and the ocean. Only five percent are recycled in the US and it takes over 1,000 years for every plastic water bottle to biodegrade.”

This may become a federal issue. Environmentalists want the National Park Service to extend a ban of plastic water bottle sales. The NPS can only do that if they install water stations around national parks.

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