Zimmerman Investigating Officer: Medical Examiner Report Backs Zimmerman

Zimmerman Investigating Officer: Medical Examiner Report Backs Zimmerman

On July 1, the George Zimmerman trial continued with the prosecution attempting to discredit its own witness, investigating officer Chris Serino, after Serino testified that he found Zimmerman credible in his story. Two police officers have already testified that they found Zimmerman credible. The defense then asked Serino if his questions changed Zimmerman’s story at all. Serino said no.

Serino further testified that the medical examiner’s report backed Zimmerman’s contention that Trayvon Martin was on top during their scuffle, not the state’s contention that Zimmerman was on top. He stated that there was nothing illegal about Zimmerman following Martin in the first place, and that it was reasonable for Zimmerman to call the police on Martin.

Serino said that by slamming Zimmerman’s head against the concrete, Martin would have been arming himself with a weapon.

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