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Boehner on His Legacy: 'He Was Fair to All and Protected the Institution'

Boehner on His Legacy: 'He Was Fair to All and Protected the Institution'

Asked on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday what he hoped his legacy would be, Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) stated, “He was fair to all and protected the institution.” He explained, “When you look at my job, there’s one person responsible for the institution of the House. And that falls into my lap. It’s my number one responsibility. But in addition to that, I actually do believe that opening up the process, allowing committees to do their work, bringing bills through committee and a more fair and open process on the floor, will begin to heal this institution. There’s partisan scar tissue all over this place. But the more that I can open it up and allow members to work together, over time that partisan scar tissue will begin to melt and go away. It’s a long-term proposition, but I’m committed to it.” Boehner never mentioned upholding the Constitutional rights he swore to protect in his oath of office.

Boehner said that his top priority legislatively this session would be curing the country’s fiscal woes. “Hope springs eternal,” he added. “I’m an optimist. I wouldn’t be sitting here if I wasn’t.”

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