Illegal Immigrant Allowed to Remain in US Despite Arrests Accused of Drunk Driving Death

Illegal Immigrant Allowed to Remain in US Despite Arrests Accused of Drunk Driving Death

Allen and Debra VanHoozer aremourning the loss of their child, 24-year-old Heather, after anillegal immigrant who was not deported by U.S. authoritiesafter a series of run-ins with law enforcement. The Mexican nationalwas allowed to stay in the U.S. after numerous drug arrests, resulting in him allegedly killing the young woman by operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

U.S. authorities claim they do not routinely deport illegal aliens for marijuana offenses; apparently they do not routinelydeport people for being in the U.S. illegally, either.

The VanHoozer family is now set to face the accused killer of their child in court. Theyoung Mexican “Dreamer” was Osvaldo Cerda, 18, and he is expected toplead guilty to intoxication manslaughter, according to Houston’s KHOUNews. 

He faces a maximum sentence of twenty years if convicted of taking the youngwoman’s life, then allegedly taking a swig of his beer, crushing the canunderfoot, and ultimately running away without assisting his victim. 

KHOU News’ Teresa Woodard described Cerda as “an illegal immigrant with a criminal record. He had had threeprior arrests for marijuana possession. This still-grieving mother andfather can not understand why he had not been deported.”

Heather VanHoozer was a nursing studentat Texas Woman’s University. “Alan broke down as he called Heather ‘the best daughter I couldhave,'” reports Woodard. “Through tears, he said: ‘Just couldn’t have asked for a betterchild.'” 

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