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CA Dumping Criminals on the Streets While Keeping Guns from Law-Abiding Citizens

CA Dumping Criminals on the Streets While Keeping Guns from Law-Abiding Citizens


The last six months have witnessed a tsunami of two things that do not bode well for freedom in California–the enactment of multiple draconian gun control laws coupled with the release of life-sentence prisoners at a “record pace.”

In other words, criminals are increasingly on the streets, but the legal avenues for law-abiding citizens to get firearms are not.

On October 11th Breitbart News reported on a slew of new gun control measures signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown (D). Since that time, Breitbart News has highlighted pushes for even more gun control by various state legislators.

On February 26th the San Jose Mercury News reported that California is releasing “lifers” from prison “at [a] record pace.”

According to the Mercury News, Gov. Brown “has affirmed 82 percent of parole board decisions, resulting in a record number of inmates with life sentences going free.” Brown’s predecessor–Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger–approved board decisions at a rate of 27 percent. Before Schwarzenegger, Gov. Gray Davis approved the release of exactly two inmates with life sentences.

Brown’s supporters contend that he is under pressure to comply with court decisions addressing overcrowded prison populations.

Opponents say he is “playing Russian roulette with public safety.”

Either way, more and more “lifers” are out on the streets, but firearms are legally harder and harder to get for self-defense.

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