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DNC Members Can't Name Even One Hillary Clinton Achievement

DNC Members Can't Name Even One Hillary Clinton Achievement

MRC TV interviewed members of the Democratic National Committee at their winter meeting to ask their views of Hillary Clinton’s achievements. Apparently, none of those interviewed could come up with even a single accomplishment attributed to the former Secretary of State.

Among some of the responses to the question about Hillary’s achievements were:

  • “I like her abortion standpoint, but, in particular, I honestly don’t know.”
  • “She’s spent eight years in the White House.”
  • “Being next to the president for eight years.”
  • “She didn’t create a problem.”
  • “We are a little bit more at ease with our folks in the Middle East.”
  • “She is one of the most well-traveled secretaries of state.”
  • “She can answer that much better than I.”
  • “We’ve tightened up our relationship with Mexico.”
  • “To be honest, she’s not going to be remembered for a whole lot of major things, just because I don’t think we were doing a whole lot on the foreign policy front. Foreign policy hasn’t been a really big issue under President Obama.”

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