Rhode Island Instructs Moms to Use Hook-Up App to 'Nag' Kids into Obamacare Enrollment

Rhode Island Instructs Moms to Use Hook-Up App to 'Nag' Kids into Obamacare Enrollment

In an attempt to boost lagging youth Obamacare enrollments, the Rhode Island Obamacare exchange has decided to launch a “Nag Toolkit” website designed to help moms pester their children to enroll in Obamacare by using “hook-up” dating app Tinder, SnapChat, dating website OKCupid, and other social media.

The “Nag Toolkit” website instructs parents to “Select a tutorial and learn how to be where your kids are. And how to nag them mercilessly.” 

The site then offers download instructions for SnapChat, OKCupid, Tinder, Twitter, and Vine.  

For the hook up app Tinder, parents are advised to “Add a Facebook Profile photo with a sign saying ‘Get Health Insurance.'” The Rhode Island Obamacare website then explains that if you “‘Like’ the same things as your son/daughter on Facebook” that will make the hook-up app “increase your tinder compatibility” with your own child, thereby increasing the chances they will see a photo of their parent “nagging” them to enroll in Obamacare. 

The website also offers a way to outsource a parent’s “nagging” by entering their child’s email address into the website. “If this all seems too confusing,” the website says, “give us your kid’s email address and we’ll do the nagging.” 

With just 12 days until Obamacare’s open enrollment period ends, the White House is scrambling to find ways to boost abysmally low youth enrollment rates to avoid the unpopular program falling into an actuarial death spiral.

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