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Researchers Say Dating Apps Like Tinder Easily Hacked

Researchers from the Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab have discovered that using simple exploits, they could uncover sensitive data, like location and message history, for users of 9 dating apps for iOS and Android, including Tinder, Bumble and OK Cupid.

A new Tinder feature called "Swipe the Vote" asks users questions such as "Keep same-sex marriage legal?" and "Drill for oil and gas in the US?" and matches users based on their answers

New Tinder Feature Criticized for ‘Facilitating Group Sex’

Tinder announced it is testing a new feature that will allow users to match with groups of people rather than one at a time. However, the feature has already faced criticism that it will “embarrass people” and “facilitate group sex,” according to The Independent.

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Tinder IPO runs into Tinder® Crowd-Funded Lawsuit

With the Tinder double-opt-in Internet dating app valued at up to $5 billion in advance of its initial public offering on the stock market (IPO), little WildFireWeb, which owns the “Tinder®” federal registration mark, has launched a crowd-funded effort to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund a lawsuit that could potentially be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Iran Launches ‘Matchmaking’ Service It Promises Is Not a Dating Site

The Iranian government, alarmed at the declining rate of marriage in the Islamic Republic, has announced it will officially launch a free online “matchmaking service” that officials insist is not a dating site. Unlike a dating site, users have no choice in who they are paired with upon subscribing to the service.

Restaurant Touts 'Knockout Deal' on Ray Rice Promotion

Restaurant Touts 'Knockout Deal' on Ray Rice Promotion

An Illinois eatery has apologized for tweeting out a “knockout deal” that it connected to the Ray Rice controversy. The Twitter account for Cheesie’s explained, “TINDER TUESDAY = 20% off tabs! It’s a knockout deal… we’re calling it Ray Rice

'Golden Era of Commercialized Cannabis' in California

'Golden Era of Commercialized Cannabis' in California

It has been nearly 20 years since California passed Proposition 215, the landmark bill that created the nation’s first medical marijuana market. Since that time, 22 states and the District of Columbia have joined California in putting medical marijuana laws

Dating App Tinder Hooks Up Puppies with Loving Homes

Dating App Tinder Hooks Up Puppies with Loving Homes

Users of the popular California-based dating app Tinder who are located in New York have recently been presented with the possibility of finding “puppy love” on their quest for romantic human matches with the appearance of a number of doggy