Coffee Shop Owner Encourages Baristas to Carry Guns to Work

Coffee Shop Owner Encourages Baristas to Carry Guns to Work

After three robberies in less than one month, Spokane, Washington’s Jitterz Java is taking a different approach to business–baristas will be armed.

According to, Jitterz Java owner Sara Chapel is not only encouraging her baristas to bring a firearm to to work but is leaving one at the front for baristas who don’t have one to bring. 

Barista Krystal Cogswell likes it: “I would rather have and need it, than need it and not have it,” she said.

Cogswell carries a Charter Arms .38 Special Lavender Lady during her shift. She said she used to keep the gun hidden “off to the side” until the recent spat of burglaries. Now, she keeps it on her hip and believes “if someone can see it” it may deter them. 

She said “there is always a gun [a Jitterz Java] now,” and one robbery has already been foiled since the girls starting carrying them. 

Cogswell has her concealed carry permit and has been around guns her whole life. She said she doesn’t plan on using her gun, yet “[she’d] like to defend herself if time comes.”

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