John Cornyn: America Needs To Care For 'Dumped' Children

John Cornyn: America Needs To Care For 'Dumped' Children

Sen. John Cornyn criticized President Obama for creating a “human magnet” with his unlawful approach to immigration enforcement, but admitted that Americans had a duty to care for the children that were flooding into the country.

Cornyn pointed out that children as young as four years old had traveled as many as 1,200 miles, suffering horrific conditions on their journey to America.

He also shared discussions he had with border patrol agents who were worried about 200 sex offenders mixing in with the population of 49,000 detained immigrants since last year.

Cornyn did not say whether or not the children should be deported.

Cornyn blamed President Obama’s immigration policies, particularly his lack of enforcement on the border. He admitted that he had no idea what Obama planned to deal with what he described as a “humanitarian crisis.”

Cornyn griped that Obama’s credibility on enforcing the immigration laws was “closely approaching zero” and suggested that he was the “biggest obstacle” to fixing the immigration system.

Cornyn said that Obama had already created amnesty for some people, thanks to his 2012 deferred action order, which only added to the problem.