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New Tillis Ad Slams Hagan for Attending Cocktail Fundraiser Instead of Classified Hearing

New Tillis Ad Slams Hagan for Attending Cocktail Fundraiser Instead of Classified Hearing


Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis’ campaign for U.S. Senate is wasting no time taking the news that Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) skipped a classified hearing dealing with threats to national security for a New York City cocktail fundraiser to the airwaves. 

Friday the Tillis campaign will begin airing a new television ad highlighting the Hagan’s poor attendance record at the Senate Armed Services Committee and take her to task for missing a briefing for “cocktails.”

“In January, President Obama refers to the Islamic State as a ‘jayvee team.’ Days later, the Armed Services Committee holds a hearing on new global threats. Senator Kay Hagan? Absent,” the voiceover in the new ad, titled “Cocktails”, says.  

Hagan’s missed half the Armed Services Committee hearings this year,” the ad continues. “In fact, Hagan admits she prioritized a cocktail party to benefit her campaign. While ISIS grew, Obama did nothing. Senator Hagan did cocktails. To change policy, change your senator.”

The new ad comes as Republicans accuse the Hagan campaign of deceit for refusing to answer questions about her attendance record and claiming that she missed  hearing due to other hearing and constituent meetings. 

“It’s absolutely unacceptable that instead of doing her job and attending classified hearings on our national security, Sen. Hagan was at a cocktail fundraiser in New York City,” Tillis’ campaign manager Jordan Shaw said Thursday. “President Obama and Sen. Hagan’s failed foreign policy resulted in the creation of the Islamic State, and they continue to lead from behind. “


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