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Non-Politicians Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina Fare Well in Breitbart Primary


Non-politicians Dr. Ben Carson and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina fared considerably better than some of the GOP’s top elected officials in the Breitbart Primary.

For the month of June, Carson finished fourth nationally in the Breitbart Primary, trailing Sen. Ted Cruz (30%), Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (22%), and Sen. Rand Paul (13%). Fiorina was tied for 7th with 4%–she placed considerably better in the Breitbart Primary than in other national polls. In fact, Fiorina finished third in total votes cast behind Cruz and Walker when second- and third-place votes were considered.

Carson was the first choice of 7% of voters, the second choice of 9%, and the third choice of 11%. Nine percent of Breitbart Primary participants nationally voted for Carson. Fiorina was the first choice nationally of 4% of voters, the second choice of 10%, and the third choice of 15%. Ten percent of Breitbart Primary participants voted for Fiorina.

In an era in which more Americans are distrusting career politicians, Carson and Fiorina have actually highlighted their lack of political experience to appeal to voters.

In a recent Breitbart News Sunday interview, Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who pioneered numerous surgical procedures, said that “in order to solve problems, you need wisdom and a record of being able to solve complex problems” and that “doesn’t necessarily come from sitting in political offices for long periods of time.”

“There are a lot of people in Washington who have held political office for decades,” Carson said. “I really don’t see them doing a lot to move the country forward.”

Fiorina has also blasted the “professional political class” and reminded voters that she is not a career politician. She has also arguably been Hillary Clinton’s fiercest critic among the presidential candidates. Fiorina relentlessly hammered Clinton for avoiding the press after announcing her candidacy, and she reminded Republicans that all of the Clinton Foundation and private emails scandals engulfing Clinton “won’t make that much difference unless we have a nominee who will ensure that they make a difference in the general election.” In a recent Breitbart News Sunday interview, Fiorina said the GOP’s presidential nominee must be willing “to throw punches” at Hillary Clinton and not back down from Democrats like the party’s last two presidential nominees.

Carson and Fiorina have resonated even more with Breitbart Primary voters in early voting states like Iowa and South Carolina.

In Iowa, Fiorina was the first choice of 8% (behind Cruz, Walker, and Paul), the second choice of 12%, and the third choice of 18% while Carson was the first choice of 5%, the second choice of 9% and the third choice of 11%. Fiorina, as she did nationally, received the third most votes among Breitbart Primary voters in Iowa.

In South Carolina, Carson placed third (10%) behind Cruz (29%) and Walker (25%). Another 9% in South Carolina said Carson was their second choice while 12% considered him their third choice.

Fiorina again was third in votes received in the Palmetto State–4% said she was their first choice, 13% considered her their second choice, and 15% ranked her as their third choice.

In New Hampshire, Fiorina was the first choice of 6%, the second choice of 16%, and the third choice of 23% while Carson was the first choice of 4%, the second choice of 7%, and the third choice of 10%

Both candidates will get to introduce themselves to more voters during the debate season, and Carson has said he is particularly looking forward to proving his doubters wrong in the presidential debates.

Voting in the Breitbart Primary is reset each month, and Breitbart News readers are encouraged to vote in July’s Breitbart Primary poll here.


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