Pink Pistols: ‘We Teach Queers to Shoot and We Teach the World We Did It’

During a June 29 interview, Gwendolyn Patton — spokesperson of the LGBT gun rights group Pink Pistols — said, “We teach queers to shoot and we teach the world we did it.”

Her point is clear — more members of the LGBT community need to acquire guns and carry them legally. In so doing, they crush the stereotypical perception that gays are “safe targets to attack.”

Patton’s words come just over two weeks after Omar Mateen entered a gun-free gay nightclub and killed 49 people in Orlando.

According to the Washington Blade, Patton spoke of the Pink Pistols’s “poetic vision,” saying, “We teach queers to shoot and we teach the world we did it.”

Patton added:

The idea is that if the general public becomes aware that there is a portion of the [LGBT] community that may be armed with a lawfully owned firearm and have the training and the skills necessary to use it effectively, this is a deterrent to make those that would attack us think twice.

Patton stressed that, right now, individuals target the gay community because they sense weakness. The proper response is strength.

Patton said:

They’re choosing the gay community because they think that we’re a safe target to attack, that we’re not going to fight back. The whole stereotype about the GLBT community is that we’re weaker, we’re passive, we’re pacifists, we’re unwilling to fight. It’s the whole stereotype of gay men as being weak and effeminate.

On June 12, the Pink Pistols stressed that the Orlando attack illustrates why gays should arm themselves. They have experienced exponential growth in membership in the nearly three weeks since the attack.

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