Dianne Feinstein: Concealed Carry Not Constitutionally Protected

During an October 8 appearance on CBS News’s Face the Nation, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) contended that concealed carry is not constitutionally protected.

According to CBS News, Feinstein addressed concealed carry by saying, “I don’t believe it’s protected by the Constitution.” She opined, “I can say without hesitation Californians do not want concealed carry.”

She tucked these comments into her opposition to national reciprocity, a pro-Second Amendment bill introduced in Congress on January 3 of this year. The bill would mandate that the concealed carry license of one state be recognized as valid in every state, just like a driver’s license. Feinstein said, “Well, my opinion of that bill is it’s terrible. … [Do] we want every American to feel comfortable packing a concealed weapon around the country?”

Feinstein’s comments came during the same appearance in which she admitted no law would have stopped the Las Vegas attacker, then turned and said, “We need a law” to ban bump stocks. It was also the same appearance in which she said her bill to ban bump stocks does not ban semiautomatic firearms, only to turn again and say she agrees with people who say that “anything short of [a semiautomatic ban] is insufficient.”

On the same day that Feinstein promoted a ban on bump stocks, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) made clear that the ban on bump stocks is only the beginning. It will be followed by a push for universal background checks and a ban on “assault weapons.”

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