Winners and Losers

A few days ago I wrote an article to post at Big Hollywood, which was motivated in part by my reaction to watching the video of Jamean Garofalo, who recently appeared as a guest on Meek Olberdogg’s ‘Putdown’ Show. Clearly, she struck a nerve in me. Making outrageous statements, she accused thousands of men and women, who participated in the recent Tea Party events, as being racist. Quote: “This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up.” Even for Ms. Garofalo this had to be a new low. To steal a ripe response from Mr. One Pissed Off Dude himself, Gary Graham, let me just say, “FTS.”

Still at another place and time we had Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) who in keeping with the nasty spirit of Garofalo blasted the Tea Party events in her own unique, elitist way. Quote: “It’s despicable that right-wing Republicans would attempt to cheapen a significant, honorable moment of American history with a shameful political stunt.” What’s “despicable” and “shameful” to me is the contempt Rep. Schakowsky seems to hold for average American citizens who chose to get out there on April 15th and exercise their rights under the First Amendment. It has become blatantly obvious by those on the left, First Amendment rights only apply to them and to their agenda. I guess the rest of us should just stay home and eat cake. Once again, FTS.

Well, after a while, it started to dawn on me, I was stuck in a quandary with this angry post I’d written and didn’t want to let these suckers get the best of me. I didn’t like the way I was feeling. I decided to step back. Relax. Took a deep breath and looked around. There must be something better than this? I thought, I have a choice as to how I want to proceed here. Hell yeah!

I decided rather than focus on this pathetic Hollywood creature and her super snob sister in Congress; I’d try a different approach.

It hit me. As easy as changing the channel on “24,” I decided to look for a positive story. A story that made you feel good and there she was… Susan Boyle. A 47 year overnight sensation of a lady, who “dreamed the dream” and had the guts to go for it. Susan Boyle, at first glance not much to look at but oh how she soared when the music began to play. Standing alone on a stage, in England last week, she knocked the socks off all who heard her lovely voice. She touched a chord in me, creating a magical moment forever captured in time. Susan Boyle is a great story about what’s good in the world.

If that’s not enough, how about the story of Anvil? From Victor Hugo to the heaviest of metal, one end of the spectrum to the other. Check it out. After my wife and I left the Tea Party at the Santa Monica Pier on Wednesday we decided to head over to the Nuart Theatre to see the documentary “Anvil! The Story of Anvil.” Now granted, I’m no big fan of heavy metal music but I enjoy documentaries of all kinds. I’m a sap for stories such as this one. Let me tell you, similar thing as with Susan Boyle… Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow and his best friend Robb Reiner are guys in their early fifties who’ve known each other since they were teenagers. Founders of the band, Anvil, we follow them around as they tell their story which spans for 30 plus years struggling to make it. ‘Lips’ and Robb are the heart and soul of this film. You root for these guys from the get go. Good men along with the families who love and support them. The ‘little heavy metal engine that could’ with a dash of “Spinal Tap.” Needless to say, this movie was a labor of love by all involved and hit all the right notes for me.

These two stories have one thing in common…having a dream and the desire to make it happen. Decent, hard-working souls who earned the opportunity to drink from the silver cup of success. Sweet. What could be better than that?

Not much.

I have to admit, after writing about these individuals and sharing bits about their stories, I feel much better. Not so angry. Thoughts and words out here in cyberspace about what’s good and right in the world.

Winners and losers. The choice is yours.

In an effort to bring this piece back home to where I began with the Tea Parties, a wise man told me some years ago, it’s better to be for something rather than against something.

Keeping that in mind, I came across these five points posted at the Dallas Tea Party website. I made copies of them which I shared with some of the folks at the Santa Monica Tea Party. Grassroots thing. Good stuff to remember, to focus on for a future events, for the sake of our country. I’d be willing to bet, for many people out at the Tea Parties last week; this kind of sums it up:

What we stand for:

1. Limited Government – As our Founding Fathers recognized, restraint of government is necessary to protect the liberties of the people.

2. Fiscal Responsibility – Government at all levels must learn to live within its means. To saddle future generations with the crushing burden of excess spending is unconscionable.

3. Personal Responsibility – Liberty is unsustainable without responsibility. Each citizen must take responsibility for the consequences of his or her own actions while respecting the rights and dignity of others.

4. The Rule of Law – Consistent, independent and uniform application of law is critical to a free and prosperous society.

5. National Sovereignty – We must maintain a strong national defense, effective security for our borders, and sole control over land and our laws.

Finally,to all those Americans, who proudly took to the streets on April 15th and let your voices be heard, congratulations. As with another great story which took place in the city of Boston back in December of 1773, you made a statement. Took a first step, despite what critics had to say, in my book, that makes you winners.

Happy trails…


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