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Lonewolf Diaries: Arresting Black People is Racist, You Pigs!


I hate to say this, but it must be noted to understand the situation at hand: Black people commit more violent crime per capita than any other race. Now before you go all Johnny Cochran on me here and declare me a racist, let me just state that I am simply addressing a statistic, much like President Obama did last Wednesday. The only difference is that my statistic doesn’t fit into a politically correct agenda with an end game designed to demonize the members of our law enforcement. Do you folks out there honestly assume the worst in all cops? Does it insult you that Barack Obama assumes you do?

“There is a long history of African-Americans and Latino’s being stopped by law enforcement, disproportionately” – Barack Hussein Obama. Boy, there’s a prejudiced little statement… against cops.

Sure it may be true that more minorities in this country are pulled over or even given the once-over by our police officers… But a disproportionate amount… Really?

When you take into account that black people are over seven times more likely to commit murder or a violent crime, I think you’ve got to ask yourself, at what point do we forbid a police officer from doing his job in the name of political correctness? Shouldn’t the honorable men and women who put themselves in harms way to protect us be given the benefit of the doubt?

Do we really want to get to a point where we assume racism is at play every time a decorated officer such as Jim Crowley makes a game-time decision?

As is often the case, Mr. Crowley had to deal with a phoned-in complaint of somebody breaking and entering. When the officer showed up, the man happened to be black (as well as uncooperative). Should he have just turned around and gone home? Would that have made him a more progressive chap?

The truth is that we don’t know what was said and we don’t know how out of line Mr. Gates had truly been. What we do know is that Officer Crowley has been nothing short of an exemplary police officer throughout his career and had never displayed any racially prejudiced tendencies before. We know that Mr. Gates is a notorious racist. We also know that Crowley works a job that causes him to deal with violent, volatile perpetrators who can flip the switch at any second to put his life in immediate danger.

For crying out loud, these people get shot at! Everyday people like Officer Crowley have to deal with scum who would like nothing more than to light them up like the fourth of July. Ever see that scene in “Robocop”? Yeah, like that. After one day on the job Obama would have to change his tapered little Hugo Boss pants.

Another question… How can so many cops be “racist white men” when many of the police officers themselves are minorities (much like Crowley’s black partner who was at the scene and supports the man 100%)?

Answer me that one, Bama. Sean Penn, feel free to chime in here too, buttercup.

I shan’t lie folks, I really don’t have all of the facts to make a proper judgment call on this one… But that won’t stop me from stating my opinion anyway. Sound familiar?

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