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'Teen Mom': MTV Promotes Everything but Responsibility


So MTV had a big year, ratings-wise. And they did it with aspirational programming – the kind that shines a light on positive achievements by young adults everywhere.

Nah, they just filled the ranks with skanks.

MTV General Manager Stephen Friedman explains:

“…We continue to rally the organization around a new brand filter that is clearly gaining traction with the millennial audience.. .”

Meaning, they filled the ranks with skanks.

Fact is, MTV kicked butt thanks to Jersey Shore – a show sponsored by Chlamydia; and Teen Mom – a show that puts unwed motherhood in a snow globe.

Coming back from the airport, I saw one teen mom on the cover of a gossip rag – a nice incentive for girls aleady giving it up to guys with sports logos shaved in their heads. If you’re gunna get poked by a dope, might as well get famous for it.

Now I’m old enough to remember when MTV was just music – before it decided to be the social arbiter for the morally inept. Now that everything to them is a valued lifestyle choice (with the exception of being responsible), MTV has become the “who’s to say?” network. Meaning, who’s to say what’s right and what’s wrong – we’ll shoot it with strobe and back lights.

So it’s no surprise that last night’s Teen Mom featured one girl who, despite MTV’s spiritual aid, still screws freely. Knocked up once again, the lass gets an abortion in an episode titled “No easy decision.”

Which probably doesn’t sum up MTV’s take on the matter.

Anyway, if MTV had balls, they’d do a show that follows a zygote from the clinic to dumpster. Although the ratings would suck. Fetus’s don’t get cable.


Kimberly Guillfoyle!

Joe Devito!

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