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Diversity Police Give Hollywood Taste of Their Own Medicine


So, the Academy Award nominations have been announced, and you know what that means: another article about lack of diversity in Academy Award nominations.

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER points out that even Javier Bardem, up for best actor, doesn’t count, because he’s “European.”

Making him white – and of course, a monster.

Anyway, CNN frets that the diversity among movie audiences isn’t reflected in the awards, something I’d like to agree with, since I hate Hollywood.

I mean, Tinseltown is a place where if you’re in the military, you’re a psycho; if you’re from a square state, you bully gays; and if you wear a suit, you’re racist. The only person who retains any nobility in a Hollywood film these days are animated and transgendered.

So it’s fun to see the film industry get a dose of their own medicine.

Except, it’s wrong.

To me, it’s racist to assume a diverse audience expects “diverse” movies. Meaning, blacks can’t enjoy The Social Network because everyone is white; and Greeks will hate Black Swan, because the ballerinas aren’t hairy.

Fact is, all people want the same thing – good movies that tell great stories – color be damned.

Here’s my solution: get a diversity expert to assign the roles. Why couldn’t Mark Zuckerberg be played by a Korean lesbian? Frankly, The Kings Speech would have been far more entertaining if said King was played by that big gal from Precious.

Even better, I would have enjoyed Black Swan more if Kevin James was the swan, not Ms. Portman. As a pudgy white guy, It would make me feel better about myself.

And that’s the point. As a nation now perceived as a collection of diverse groups who share no common ideals – making sure everyone feels good about themselves ensures no one will be happy.

Which is why Sex and the City 2 got robbed.


Governor Huckabee!

Brooke Goldstein!

Joe Devito!

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