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Nir Rosen, Shut Up

If you don’t know the name Nir Rosen, count yourself lucky.

He’s a jerk.

Even he knows that.

But here’s some back up: after it was reported that correspondent Lara Logan was brutally, sexually assaulted in Egypt during the revolution “celebrations,” Rosen unloaded some repulsive tweets about the incident. To sum them up: he made fun of a woman who was viciously sexually attacked.

And there went his career.

Once his hideousness had been exposed, he quickly had to resign his position at NYU.

Then, in an interview, he explains why:

US academic establishments are already under attack from the right, and my Center at NYU stood to be harmed by the pack of dogs sent to take me down.

Yeah, right. he resigned to save the college.

So you’re an ass and a liar.

But it gets worse. Nir says,

I think certainly my tweets have been unfairly attacked and blown out of proportion…and I was not aware of the right wing attack machine waiting to take me down… Had I been a right-wing writer I doubt this would have happened to me.

Oh, so YOU’RE the victim here.

Nir – Let me point out that it wasn’t the right who went after you for being a ghoul.

It was the world.

Maybe that’s too much for you to bear – knowing your repulsiveness transcends ideology.

My advice for you: stop giving interviews. Stop writing articles defending yourself.

Shut up.

Anyway, we here at Red Eye wish Ms. Logan well, and hope Mr. Rosen finds a place in the universe appropriate to his talents.


Pat Caddell

Remi Spencer

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