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Did Nicholas Kristof Say 'Radical Mosques'?


Ed. Note: This is a ‘logue from last week.

So, on this rainy evening, I do what I often do: wonder what Nicholas Kristof is concerned about.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wonder, for long.

The New York Times writer was on Morning Joe – the tv show, not the hand massager – discussing today’s hearings looking at radicalism among American Muslims.

There, he said he had a problem with the hearing, because it makes us look like big meanies.

He said, “I’m sure that at mosques around this country, especially the more radical mosques, this is going to be seen as one more evidence that people are picking on us.”

Now, I gotta give Kristof credit, because he said what’s on the minds of all our nation’s spineless media.

And that is: protecting people is far less important than protecting feelings.

Which, first of all, is rude to Muslims. See, I think the average Muslim can appreciate concerns about terrorism. Tip-toeing around them is offensive, for it implies they aren’t civilized enough to deal with it. I think it’s pretty obvious they would embrace the conversation, rather than be excluded because of their religion.

And as for the “more radical mosques” that Kristof worries about – their feelings don’t rate. They already want us dead. Kristof seems to be saying, the best way to deal with a bully is to mollify him.

But how?

Should we visit these radical mosques with gift baskets?

I wouldn’t know what to put in them. “World’s greatest jihadist” coffee mugs?

Anyway, Newsbusters points out that at least Kristoff admits there are “radical mosques,” something the anti-hearing protesters would never do. I know that’s not much to be happy about, but it’s nice Kristof can see the enemy.

And his concern for their feelings is just plain adorable!

And if you disagree with me, you’re a racist homophobe.


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