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Reader Poll: Since We Won't Be Seeing Hollywood's $75 Million Pro-Obama Campaign Commerical…


Now that director Kathryn Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal, and Sony Pictures have conspired to completely undermine any chance they had at garnering our goodwill with the upcoming saving Obama’s ass killing Osama bin Laden movie, we should look at it as a savings — a savings of the ticket price of around $10.

Those of us appalled by the idea that Sony Pictures and their politically-mercenary filmmakers would use a universal American triumph and our selfless troops in this partisan manner, need to find something to do with our sudden ten-dollar windfall. It’s quite likely that by the time the film’s released, just a few weeks prior to the election, America might need that ten bucks to buy a gallon of gas or milk. But let’s be optimistic and dream a little…

Me? Thanks to reader Carol, who emailed with the marvelous idea, I’m going to give the money to a military charity.

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