Trailer Talk: Pixar's 'Brave' Tries to Make Amends for Clunky 'Cars 2'

Trailer Talk: Pixar's 'Brave' Tries to Make Amends for Clunky 'Cars 2'

Perhaps the best news about Pixar’s upcoming film “Brave” is there’s no way Lightning McQueen or Mater will be seen in it.

The animation studio with the Midas touch suffered a body blow last summer when “Cars 2” failed to measure up to the studio’s incredibly high standards.

“Brave,” set to hit theaters this summer, offers something fresher and more ambitious. The tale of a flaming red haired young woman who won’t sit by while her fate is decided for her gives Pixar its first female-driven story. Even better, the film’s trailer looks like a clean break from past Pixar projects.

The animation is as gorgeous as expected, but it’s the robust character portraits which offer the most promise.

The vocal cast isn’t as star studded as some animated features, but Pixar typically relies more on compelling characteristics over A-list names. And the trailer hints that Billy Connolly might just saunter away with the movie as our heroine’s boorish pappy.

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