Author McMillan Dubs Romney Sociopath, Spews Hate on the Rich

Author McMillan Dubs Romney Sociopath, Spews Hate on the Rich

Readers of author Terry McMillan’s Twitter feed can be excused for feeling a sense of whiplash.

The woman who gave us “Waiting to Exhale” often Tweets soft and fuzzy bromides like, ”do whatever it takes to be a better person,” and have a “thoroughly thoughtful and thankful Thursday everybody. Thrill. Or, be thrilled. But thrive.”

Isn’t that sweet?

The next, she’s hoping President Barack Obama “slays” Mitt Romney come Nov. 6 and calls Obama’s challenger a “sociopath.”

Need we even bother reminding readers the “New Civility” era ushered in by the Left has met its expiration date?

And while fellow Obama supporter Cher is obsessed with blasting white people via Twitter, McMillan shares her disgust for … the rich.

The rich have it made and yet they still find reasons to whine. Why enough still isn’t enough….

It’s ironic how much rich people complain about money when they have so much of it.

The author also tries to sneak in something downright conspiratorial between the rich-bashing and Obama defenses:

Republicans rigged this whole thing so that unemployed folks would blame Obama for their plight. Mission accomplished. Too blind to see it.

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